CSM® Certification Training

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a globally-recognised certification accredited by the prestigious Project Management Institute (PMI) Newtown Square,PA, USA. PMP certification is aligned with PMBOK-7th Edition, it validates the experience, knowledge, and expertise of anyone who has contributed to successful project completion. On earning PMP credentials, you will be recognised and approached for dynamic job opportunities with nearly 25% higher salary then non-certified professionals. Join the global community of PMP holders and grow your network. Let's team-up and walk through the path of success !

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is an industry-standard entry-level certification accredited by the reputed Project Management Institute (PMI) Newtown Square, USA. CAPM is considered as the most promising credential for a remarkable career growth in the field of Project Management. CAPM certification validates the fundamental knowledge of PMBOK-6th edition that will further help to clear PMP certification. Join us to take the first step and stand out from the crowd.

PRINCE2® (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is a structured project management method based on experience drawn from thousands of projects and from the contributions of countless project sponsors, Project Managers, project teams, academics, trainers and consultants.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a body of knowledge and set of best practices for successful IT service management. The ITIL 4 Foundation qualification is intended to introduce candidates to the management of modern IT-enabled services, to provide them with an understanding of the common language and key concepts, and to show them how they can improve their work and the work of their organization with ITIL V4 guidance.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification aligned with IASSC is a prestigious certification to own in the field of quality management. The integration of six sigma methodology and lean management will help you to enhance and control the optimum quality required for Organizational growth. With LSSGB credentials, you will be able to apply a data-driven quality strategy aligned with the problem-solving framework called DMAIC. Get a chance of promotion within the Organization. Enroll now to earn LSSGB credentials and get a step ahead in the Lean Six Sigma Certification Series.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification aligned with IASSC is the most sought out after certifications in the field of quality management. With LSSBB Certification you will be able to implement the concepts of DMAIC effectively and reduce waste. You will be able to grab a higher position in the Organization for continuous improvement and greater return on investment (ROI). Get hands-on experience on various problem-solving strategies and methodologies. Advance your career now!

(PMI-ACP)® Certification while learning to lead Agile software projects that adapt to change, drive innovation and deliver on-time business value. Today, more and more organizations and companies are adopting the Agile Approach over the traditional Waterfall Methodology and many more are progressively making this essential transition. It is increasingly important that Project Management professionals demonstrate true leadership in today's software projects. Our Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)® Certification Training will prepare you to lead your next Agile project and help you prepare for the Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Certification Exam.

Scrum, an Agile framework has been picking up momentum in creating innovation and improving productivity across organizations. A high-performing Scrum team always contributes to the success of an Agile project and the Scrum Master is the main person responsible for steering the project in the right direction. The Certified Scrum Master course boosts your confidence in implementing the Scrum framework effectively in organizations.

Tutorial Consulting is Globally Recognised as the Market Leader in providing the training of the Conflict Management course. Our highly experienced "Soft-Skills Expert Team" comprises over 20 leading professionals with more than 15 years of experience in resolving conflicts while performing their respective job roles in various fields. Our specialised instructors have developed unique teaching methods to help enthusiastic candidates master the skills of building a harmonious relationship among employees, teams, senior management, etc., to get excellent outcomes.

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  • 2 Days of intense classroom training
  • Training conducted by Certified Scrum Trainer
  • 2 simulation exams
  • CSM exam fee included
  • Course completion certificate
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Scrum training and certification fulfills the vision of the Agile manifesto by fostering greater collaboration, productivity, and success among team members. Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) certification is a globally accepted Scrum certification offered by Scrum Alliance to professionals who clear the CSM certification exam.

A Certified ScrumMaster® helps project teams properly use Scrum, increasing the likelihood of the project's overall success. CSMs understand Scrum values, practices, and applications and provide a level of knowledge and expertise above and beyond that of typical project managers. CSMs act as "servant leaders," helping the rest of the Scrum team work together and learn the Scrum framework. CSMs also protect the team from both internal and external distractions.

  •  2 Days of intense classroom training
  •  Training conducted by Certified Scrum Trainer
  •  2 simulation exams
  •  CSM exam fee included
  •  Exercises and games to understand scrum practices
  •  Assistance with Scrum Alliance exam registration process
  •  Tips and techniques to clear the CSM exam
  •  Course completion certificate

By the end of this program participants will learn:

  • The importance of having team values
  • The Scrum framework
  • The situations where using Scrum methodology is appropriate and beneficial
  • How to create a product vision statement
  • How to create product roadmap
  • The functionality of key meetings in Scrum
  • How to track team progress
  • Utilize the collective intelligence of the class participants to brainstorm creative solutions to complex problems

It really doesn’t matter who you are as long as you want to get started with Scrum. You are welcome even if you are

  • a software engineer,
  • a mechanical engineer,
  • a manager,
  • a publisher,
  • a wedding planner,
  • an event manager,
  • an experienced ScrumMaster,
  • a going to be ScrumMaster
  • a stake holder
  • a CXO etc

All are welcome to come and co-learn.

About the Exam:

  • Exam Format: 35 Multiple Choice questions
  • Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Exam needs to be taken within 90 days from the training completion date
  • Exam will be conducted online
  • Pass Mark: Need to get 24 or more correct answers out of 35 questions


There is no specific pre-requisites for the CSM training or examination.

Empirical Process
 What is Empirical Process and Defined Process?
 Why Software Development is hard and complex?
Agile Values and Principles
 Introduction to Agile Manifesto
 12 Agile Principles
Scrum Framework
 Introduction to Scrum Framework
 Scrum Roles
 Scrum Artifacts
 Scrum Ceremonies
Getting Started with Scrum
 How to go about implementing Scrum?
 What is the impact on Organization Structure and policies?
Scrum Roles
 Product Owner’s responsibilities
 Scrum Master’s responsibilities
 Development Team’s responsibilities
 What is the role of other organization roles in Scrum?
 Where does the Project Manager fit?
Product Backlog
 Characteristics of a Product Backlog
 Grooming Product Backlog
 Estimating Product Backlog
 Prioritizing the Product Backlog
Scrum in Action: Simulation
 Introduction to Class Project
 What is Definition of Done and how a bad DoD can affect NPS?
 Discuss how the product evolves during the Sprint.
 Discuss the ceremonies and activities during the Sprint.
 Conduct Sprint Planning, Execute couple of Sprints, DSMs, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives.
Agile Estimation and Planning
 What is involved in Release Planning?
 Release Planning activities.
Scaling Scrum
 Briefly discuss how to scale Scrum
 Discuss a case study.
  •  2 days of classroom training with highly experienced Scrum Trainer
  •  Course completion certificate to all the participants at the end of the training
  •  2 mock simulation tests during training
  •  Assistance in exam registration process with Scrum Alliance
  •  Exam voucher
  •  14 PDUs towards any PMI credential
  •  Scrum Alliance membership for 2 years
  •  Scrum Reference Card and Scrum Framework Poster

Are there any pre-requisites for joining the program?

Basic familiarity with IT and IT frameworks (Agile, Lean, ITSM) is recommended.

Who delivers the training?

All Our Trainers are DevOps certified and highly qualified with over 15 years of experience in training and are working in the IT, Agile, ITSM and/or DevOps domain.

How will this course benefit me?

Agile is fast taking over software development projects due to its myriad advantages over the traditional methods. In such scenarios, organizations are keen to embrace practices that will smoothen their adoption of Agile. DevOps is one such framework with strong liaisons with Agile and Lean that ensures numerous technical and business benefits that ultimately leads to delivery of good quality end-products. The DevOps certification scheme is aimed at individuals and organizations seeking a fundamental and common understanding of DevOps principles. These might include employees, managers, stakeholders and suppliers who are leading or contributing to an organization’s DevOps initiatives. Consultants who are guiding their clients through DevOps programs will also benefit greatly from DevOps certification.

Who offers the certification?

DevOps certifications are offered by the The DevOps Institute (DOI), which brings enterprise level DevOps training and certification to the IT market. This is the first level of the 3 DevOps Certification scheme, and more advanced levels include the Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM®) and the Certified Agile Process Owner (CAPO®).